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Gingerbread Politicians

November 9, 2008

Yesterday was election day in New Zealand, and to make the evening of watching vote-counting a little more interesting we decided some themed snacks were in order.


Hamish’s genius idea was to make gingerbread versions of the main politicians. From left to right we have: Helen Clark (Labour, centre-left, incumbent prime minister); John Key (National, centre-right); Winston Peters (New Zealand First; weird and hard to place party – the ‘No’ placard refers to this incident – it was later discovered that the placard really should have said ‘Yes’); Rodney Hide (Act, far right); and Jeannette Fitzsimons (Greens, far left).


We also made various supporters (not remotely proportionate – the abundance of yellow is purely because I made yellow icing first and we got a bit carried away). Note the two babies – because, as Hamish rightly pointed out, politicians need babies to kiss. We did miss a few semi-significant minor parties – the Maori party being the main one. You should see Michael Cullen, Bill English, Heather Roy and Russel Norman in there too (although they are gingerbread and not necessarily true to life…)

New Zealand has a proportional government system, which means whoever can form a majority government gets to rule – it’s always either Labour or National who get the most votes, but usually they need to form alliances with smaller parties to make numbers up to at least 62 (maximum 122 seats in parliament).


This time round National came out on top with 59 seats – almost a majority by themselves, and adding Act’s five seats makes an easy winners. They’ll also include United Future’s Peter Dunne in their coalition, and apparently will talk to the Maori party regarding an agreement – because the more the merrier – but sadly we ran out time to create Peter Dunne, Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples. Maybe next time?

Oh, and what became of Winston? I think the picture speaks for itself…