Christmas Candies

December 26, 2008


Over the last couple of months one of the things that’s been keeping me busy has been making various truffles and candies as Christmas presents. I meant to take better photos (along with photos of all the cakes I made, which I completely forgot about, sorry!) once these were completed, but this is all I ended up with. There were 12 trays like this, plus some readymade white containers I filled, and then my flatmates demolished the leftovers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The contents of the boxes included Tim-Tam truffles, ‘Toffeepud truffles’ (Toffeepop truffles with bits of glace cherry mixed in), peanut butter truffles, salted caramels, almond praline, chocolate covered marzipan, hokey pokey crunch, and a couple of other bits and pieces. It was heaps of work, but quite fun experimenting (and taste-testing, of course!), and soooo satisfying when I filled all the boxes up. And now that Christmas is over I have space in my cupboards and spare storage containers again – something that’s been a bit lacking for the last wee while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – and I’ll be back with more in the New Year (we’re off to Kaikoura tomorrow for a quick break, so will definitely be awol for the next few days).


Last minute cakes

December 23, 2008

Well, I’m knee-deep in cake (not that many, which is nice – it looks like I’ll get to sleep tonight, which will make a change from this time last year!) but I did make a couple of extras so if you’re after a last minute cake, I have a couple of medium chocolate cakes (feed about 12, $25) and one medium fruit cake (same size, although it’ll go further by the virtue of being fruit cake, $50) – if you’re interested comment here or fire me an email – rosa.wakefield@gmail.com.

Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of crazy looking photos soon – I do have quite a bit to do today and tomorrow, but if I’m lucky I’ll manage to squeeze in a post as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


Not Quite Nigella’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake round-up

December 17, 2008

A little while ago I made a ridiculously tall chocolate cake for a challenge run by one of my favourite food bloggers, Not Quite Nigella. She’s now taking votes for the best in show, so if you want to gaze upon some chocolate cakes, of many luscious varieties, go vote for me now! (You don’t have to vote for me, of course, but I’d rather you did!)


Get your choccy Christmas cake orders in!

December 14, 2008

Just a reminder to get your chocolate Christmas cake orders in – deadline for all orders is Wednesday the 17th, 5pm. ๐Ÿ™‚ (although I will consider all last-minute requests, I make no guarantees past then). Also, I will deliver within Christchurch city for FREE if there are three or more cakes to any given address – so if you can convince a couple of workmates to order as well, for example. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully will have some pretty pictures for you all soon, but have been away for the weekend and have a couple of days of real work to try to scrape in some rent money before my baking frenzy begins, so nothing for you today, sadly.


Order your chocolate Christmas cake now!

December 10, 2008

If youโ€™d like a chocolatey alternative to a traditional Christmas cake I may be able to help! Homemade chocolate cakes are available for Friday the 19th and Wednesday the 24th of December, and delivery within Christchurch city is $10, or you can collect your cake from my home in Ilam.

All cakes are iced with ganache, a decadent combo of cream and chocolate, and are available in medium (20cm, up to 12 slices) and large (25cm, up to 24 slices).

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with white chocolate tiles, white chocolate curls, toffee shapes and gold chocolate stars. $35 large, $25 medium

Mud cake


Chocolate mud cake with fondant holly leaves and berries, and โ€˜Merry Christmasโ€™ message. $40 large, $30 medium

Strawberry-topped cake

Chocolate cake with white chocolate bubble shell and topped with chocolate coated strawberries and dark chocolate curls. $50 large, $40 medium

If you have questions you can call or text me on 021 395 190, or email rosa.wakefield@gmail.com – and if you want to order, email me with the type of cake you’d like, size (small or medium), date you need it (the 19th or the 24th), and I’ll get in touch to confirm your order.


Operatic Chocolate Cake (but not Opera Cake!)

December 7, 2008


A friend celebrated his 21st last night, and asked me if I could make him a cake. He’s quite into singing and opera, so I went with a musical theme. The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, and the decorations are mousseline buttercream and fondant. And I was assured that it was deadly, which I’ll take as a compliment – I hope Alex got plenty to take home to keep him on the brink of a chocolate-induced coma for the next few days. ๐Ÿ™‚


Cake or Death?

November 30, 2008

tile200-chocolate_truffle_cNot Quite Nigella is running a chocolate cake competition, and I decided that an 11th hour entry was essential, despite having baked a horde of cakes already this week, including a wedding cake for yesterday (post to come very soon!). Anyway, as you’ll know if you’re at all familiar with my blog, I do tend to make the occasional chocolate cake…But I decided my regular chocolate cake recipe (which I do highly recommend, as a reasonably failsafe, delicious and moist cake) was just not exciting or challenging enough.


So this is my cake. Looks fairly harmless, does it not? Boring even, you might say…

tower-of-cakeBut… It’s a huge tower of cake! That’s a 20cm cake that is 12.3cm high! (yes, I had to measure it) It is a crazy concoction of deliciousness, decided upon after much umming and ahhing. This is a five-layer cake, in alternating layers of Rose Levy-Beranbaum’s White Chocolate Whisper Cake and Donna Hay’s Rich Chocolate Cake, filled with White Chocolate Mussoline buttercream (another Rose Levy-Beranbaum recipe) and a cream-based chocolate mousse (concocted without a recipe) and all topped with a rich dark chocolate glaze. Phew! And I can assure you that it is quite deadly! Want to see the guts of it? Brace yourselves!

cross-section-shotNow, be aware, this is not your everyday chocolate cake (although the white chocolate whisper cake is a perfectly respectable everyday cake on its own), and in fact a normal-sized slice would probably clog your arteries instantly, but a tiny sliver with a small scoop of homemade vanilla ice-cream goes down a treat – a delicious way to finish off the weekend!

I promise I’ll update the post with recipes tomorrow, but at the moment it’s sleepy time – if you happen to be reading this and think you might be in the area in the next day or so let me know, though, because I just might be able to reserve a slice for you – we’re going to need some help with this one!