The Great Bake-off – Cheesecake

June 4, 2009


I decided it would be fun to host a baking challenge of my own – but in real life. The idea is that each month a theme will be chosen, then at the end of the month everyone bakes their item and brings it to a gathering, then everyone does lots of eating. 🙂 I figure that different people can host and the new theme and next host can be decided at the previous gathering.

For the inaugural Great Bake-off the theme is cheesecake. You can use any recipe you like, and introduce your own variations at will, so long as the item you make is cheesecake.

The gathering will be at my place at 7.30pm on the 28th of June – click here to visit the Facebook event. Obviously the physical nature of this event limits participants to Christchurch folk but I promise I’ll post photos afterwards so anyone who can’t make it can still drool. 😉

If you are planning to come please either RSVP on Facebook or comment here to let me know.



  1. I so wish I was in Christchurch, I LOVE CHEESCAKE

  2. 😉 Should be delicious… But I daresay not great for the waistline! I’ll put some pics up afterwards so you can drool, though.

  3. Aww I wish I was in Christchurch! This is a great idea and I’d love to go along 😛 Can’t wait to see the pictures 🙂

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