White Chocolate Cake

June 10, 2008

My group project was due yesterday, and my group cajoled me for a cake to celebrate… Who am I to say no to a request like that? So I decided it was experimentation time; I decided to try the white chocolate cake recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Cake Bible, and topped it off with a raspberry buttercream. The cake is fantastic – moist, rich and decadent, but still most definitely cake. The buttercream was okay, but I’m just not a big buttercream fan – it’s a bit sickly for me. However, someone liked it because the mixing bowl still had quite a bit in it when I left with the cake, and by the time I got home it was pretty much empty. 😉

Sorry about the not-great photo – I was in a bit of a hurry, having only decided at 10am to bake a cake, and having to be at uni for 1pm. Anyway, we got our project done, and by the time we got to sit down for cake I think it was pretty well deserved!



  1. I’ve been meaning to try The Cake Bible’s white chocolate cake. Lucky group members!

  2. I highly recommend it – pretty easy to put together, and fantastic texture and taste. 🙂

  3. Your cake looks nice! I’m not a big buttercream fan either, it tastes like I’m eating butter. I usually reduce the butter, but add just enough so that the frosting isn’t soupy.

  4. Thanks Steph! I’ll have to give that a go. I predominantly make chocolate cakes, and they’re easy because I can use ganache, which tastes fantastic, but buttercream has its uses, so next time I’ll see if I can get away with less butter. 🙂

  5. […] cake was the white chocolate cake I made a few weeks ago, and we iced with the Wilton buttercream recipe, which uses vegetable […]

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