Cupcakes, with new, improved icing swirls!

June 3, 2008

The other day I needed to make some cupcakes*, and so had an opportunity to try out my new piping tip. I’ve been hunting this for ages (specifically to make these cupcake-topping swirls), but have had trouble finding the tip (Wilton #5) on it’s own – lots of places seem to have it as part of a decorating set, but of course that costs heaps and I already have most of the other bits the set supplies anyway. However, I finally managed to track down an equivalent, so here are my luxuriously swirled cupcakes – chocolate with chocolate raspberry ganache.

*by which I mean, I was looking for an excuse, didn’t find one, so invented one – to thank a classmate for a recent favour, and provide fuel for a group project meeting with some other classmates



  1. How do you make the topping? I made cupcakes today using icing sugar and butter however it was quite sloppy

  2. Emily, this was a thick ganache, but a buttercream recipe is the best way to get a good piping consistency. There’s one on this post (on my new blog): http://culinaryexplorationsnz.blogspot.com/2010/06/macarons.html – or search for buttercream recipes, and choose one someone has posted photos of to make sure it’s a good, fluffy, pipeable variety. 🙂

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