Cake trifle

May 22, 2008

Have you ever wondered what to do with cake scraps? I know it may not be a problem that strikes normal people too often, but as a weirdo who makes cakes very frequently, I often look at the plate of offcuts (for a normal cake I trim the top so it’s flat, but shaped cakes require carving and result in even more wastage) and consider that one day my flatmates may stop eating them.

Last night the plate was piled high, as I baked two cakes, one of which is a special shape. So I decided some trifle was in order. I crumbled the cake into a dish, made up a packet of quick-set strawberry jelly, poured some custard (store-bought – how lazy is that?) over the top, and swirled some ganache on top. It’s pretty messy, but taste definitely made up for that! So if you are a cake-baker who often gets left with scraps, here’s something you can try – and if not, well, this is such a delicious trifle (I’m sure it would be even better with fruit and homemade custard) it might just be worth making up a half version of this chocolate cake recipe purely for the sake of it!


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