Interface Design

May 20, 2008

Some of you may be surprised to learn that I actually don’t spend my whole life making and decorating cakes – I’m actually a full time Information Systems student as well. Buuuut… Well, cake can fit in anywhere, right?

One of my papers had our project groups giving short presentations on interface design this morning – in a tutorial where the tutor happened to make a bargain with me for cake last week. So we made our presentation cake related, and I made a cake to take along. I don’t know how the presentation went (it seemed alright, but the marksheet will tell!) but my classmates seemed to enjoy the cake afterwards!

The Scrabble tiles (not quite neat enough, hopefully next time I’ll do better) are made from white chocolate mixed with a small amount of glucose, which makes it into chocolate modelling clay – you can pick it up and mold it into whatever shape you like! It was my first attempt at molding chocolate, but now that I know how I’ll definitely be building that technique into more of my cakes!

‘AFIS’ is the official prefix for my course – it stands for ‘Accounting, Financial and Information Systems’.


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  1. […] AFIS203 tutor, Adrian, ordered a cake from me after I took one to our tutorial presentation the other week. He wanted a chocolate cake, but not with chocolate icing, and it had to have his […]

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