Tea Party Fare

April 26, 2008

So, to use up a perfectly good public holiday (the 25th of April is Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia, commemorating our contributions to the wars) and convince other people to dust off their cake tins and get baking, I held a tea party. Here are some of the tasty treats that appeared:

Firstly, essential at all tea parties; cucumber sandwiches! Matthew prepared these, and they were very tasty. Rosie also made a plate, and both were thoroughly devoured (they were the only savoury items on the table)

Amber made these very pretty and yummy fruit kebabs, which were also very well received – it’s definitely a good thing to have some non-baked goods on the table!

Gwen made coffee and walnut cupcakes, which sadly I didn’t get to sample (there was so much food! And believe me, I did make an effort to try it all, much to my chagrin now).

Anna’s contribution was a lemon tea cake, which was very very yummy.

Alex made baklava, which was also very tasty – a huge sugar rush, but soooo good!

One of my contributions was these teeny almond and rose tea cakes, with a rose glaze. I thought they were very tasty, although some people weren’t so appreciative – the almond was quite dominant, so if you’re averse these aren’t the cakes for you!

The almond/rose cake mixture yielded much more batter than I was expecting, so I decided to put my train tin to good use, since I’ve been wanting to test it with a white (i.e. not chocolate) cake. Although I didn’t decorate it properly, I think the train I made last time was better – maybe that’s just my inner chocoholic speaking, though. 😉 You’ll also see above my homemade meringues – it’s the first time I’ve ever made meringues, and there was a bit of cracking, but I was very happy with them. They were very chewy, not too much crunch, which is how I like them. And the colours don’t show up very well in the photo, but they’re pale pink and green.

I also made another batch of zucchini cupcakes with cream cheese icing – surely the best way to get your daily veg? 😉 And there were many more tasty treats – too many to blog about!

We also had lots of varieties of tea – various herbal fruit flavours, Lady Grey, green tea, and camomile tea all in teabags, plus rose tea and vanilla black tea, which I bought from Teasme at Church Corner and we infused properly. One of the guys who came also brought along his collection of teas, so there was lots of variety, and plenty of pots were brewed!

All in all it was a great afternoon – thanks to everyone who came; I hope you enjoyed it too!



  1. Mmmmmh, the box of the little rose and almond cakes that I took home looks sadly empty now 😉 Om nom nom nom nom

  2. Smashing afternoon old fruit 🙂

  3. That tea party looks gorgeous! I don’t think I do them quite as often as I should. Your train set is so cute too 🙂

  4. Tea party looks good. I’m pretty sure you have made meringues before – just not this century – back in the 1980s maybe. Mum

  5. Oakley; I’m glad they got gobbled. I’ve almost managed to dish out all the remains!

    Erin; glad you enjoyed it! I was rather happy with how it went, even if I was left with copious quantities of sugar!

    Lorraine; thank you! They are fun, but I did spend the five hours preceding it in the kitchen… I think they’re good for special occasions. I liked your take on Anzac Day – I’ll have to try making Rosemary Loaf Cake sometime. And yes, I adore my train tin, too – so easy to make cakes that are so pretty!

    Mum; I don’t remember the 80’s so well, or not well enough to recall my baking escapades. Also, if it was that long ago I imagine I needed some serious assistance, so I’m not sure if it counts as my own work. 😉

  6. I wish to be on this party…

  7. Thanks Ashley – it was a delicious afternoon, although perhaps not very good for the waistline. 😉

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