Campbell’s Tomato Soup

April 23, 2008

A while ago I asked for suggestions for a cake to make, and one of the suggestions I didn’t use at the time was to make a red velvet Campbell’s Tomato Soup cake. Today is ‘CakeFiend’s’ birthday, so Hamish and I spent last night decorating this cake (actually a stack of four 15cm red velvet cakes, filled and iced with cream cheese icing), and left it on the table for ‘CakeFiend’ to find this morning. I had a bit of trouble with the piping at 2am – mainly because I wanted to be sleeping, I was too lazy to make proper royal icing or another good piping substance, and my icing sugar/water combination worked fine for the first few letters and then became immensely difficult to squeeze out. Those of you familiar with the original (click here if you’re not) will notice that I’ve missed out ‘condensed’ – I did pipe it on, then realised my medallion wouldn’t fit, and frankly didn’t have the patience (or muscle!) to squeeze another nine letters out of my piping bag! Also, I took a bit of creative license with the pattern on the medallion – it was a bit too fiddly to copy properly.

Happy Birthday, Sam!



  1. The medallion is too close to the UCD logo to not be hilarious 😉
    You rock!

  2. lol, now I know where that came from. I drew the little man, looked at the photo, decided I should just do something random, and drew a squiggle. I am obviously less creative than I think! 😉

  3. Tomato soup that your sister would actually like! Have you thought about a canal boat cake for June…

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