Zucchini cupcakes

April 7, 2008

Also on Saturday I made these zucchini cupcakes. This was Leanne’s suggestion, and as she kindly provided not only enough zucchini but also half a dozen free-range eggs (and a big bag of apples!), how could I not make them? 😉 They were very tasty – pretty similar to carrot cake, not surprisingly. I used the recipe from Rose Levy Berenbaum’s The Cake Bible, and it worked really well, although I like more spice, so next time I might be a bit more heavy-handed.

Leanne and her family didn’t come on Saturday, but I knew I’d be seeing them yesterday anyway, so I boxed up some cupcakes in this cute cupcake box – I bought a few of these on trademe last week in a clearance auction. Thanks Leanne, for your wonderful home-grown ingredients. I hope you enjoy your cupcakes!



  1. Very nice cupcakes – moist and about the right size. Remainder of 80th birthday cake has just driven out the drive with the happy octogenarian aunt. Mum

  2. Thanks – we liked them! 😉 I still have a small bowl of cream cheese icing to use up. Hamish tried some on toast but that may not catch on…

  3. Oh my, those cupcakes were yummy! Andrew wished he’d snuck the whole box out the door to take to school LOL. I took the remaining 3 to a friend’s place, we had a wonderful morning tea. Thanks so much, they were delicious! xxxx

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed them! And thanks so much for your goodies… Tomorrow or Thursday I’m going to go to work concocting something good out of some of those apples (although Hamish has been enjoying eating them!).

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