Chocolate cake with modern art

April 3, 2008

I got a last-minute order for a chocolate cake for this morning, so you get some eye-candy before the weekend after all. 😉 I decided to make some sculpture-esque chocolate shapes to give it a focal point, or something like that, and I think they look quite cool. Lots of chocolate curls around the outside, and white chocolate bubble wrap. It’s getting quite chilly here – worth noting that I should attend to my chocolate more quickly in this weather if I want to do things with it before it sets!

Feel free to keep commenting on the previous post – I haven’t yet made a decision about Saturday’s cake (although neither possum nor bran are going to cut it as flavour of the day, sorry!), so the polls are still open. I’ll give you until 5pm tomorrow. 🙂



  1. Rosa: I love these cakes, I am working on a cake, but I want to make large chocolate curls, I have tried pouring out the melted chocolate , letting it cool a bit, scoring it in a diamond shape and then rolling it up, but my problem is I can’t roll it up tight enough, and I find they break easy, even if my layer is thicker. Should I unroll very very slowly after I take it out of the freezer?

  2. April, sorry for my slow response. You do need to be very slow and careful with these curls. I prop them in something to hold the shape while they set (for example, the core of a paper towel roll cut in half). I hope that helps!

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