Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

March 19, 2008

Today, two very similar (although not quite identical) chocolate cakes. I was really pleased with these because I’ve switched from using regular sugar to castor sugar, which is supposed to be better for baking, and the texture of these cakes is magnificent! It’s always a great cake, this recipe, but the castor sugar makes it even better. If you want to try it for yourself, click here.

The truffles are in lieu of strawberries; sadly, this time of year doth not a good strawberry make, in the southern hemisphere.

In other exciting news, I get to go to Auckland to do a weekend cake decorating course in June! Christchurch doesn’t seem to have much as far as courses go, and I’d had my eye on this class for a while – but had to wait for my uni exam timetable to come out, as it falls just at the end of the exam period. Fortunately, I finish the day before the course, so I’ll be flying up with my toolbox and a cake, spending two days in Parnell, and then coming home with a (hopefully) beautiful cake and some new skills. I’m so excited! A great way to finish two weeks of exams…


One comment

  1. “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate”

    Chocolate my only love in life (besides my husband).
    Great photos and great blog.


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