Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake

March 16, 2008

I got another new toy from TradeMe this week – a really awesome cake tin, which enables me to make cakes with fillings. Not just your regular layer cake, oh no – this is a whole new level of gooey goodness! It’s actually a set – a base tin, which just makes a flattish disc, two different shaped tins; the dome one I used today, and a more normal round cake tin, and the insert pan, which sits on top as you bake it, making a dome-shaped hole in the cake.

To assemble, you let the cake cool in the tin (although I did loosen it to make sure it’d move) then put your filling in, and invert it on the base. My cake was orange cake with chocolate orange mousse and orange buttercream, and it was divine! I assembled it in the tin last night and froze it to make sure the mousse was nice and firm for me to decorate onto – and removing it from the freezer at about 3pm left it perfectly defrosted, but still slightly chilled (essential for the mousse) by dinnertime.

I highly recommend this recipe; I know you might not be able to replicate the shape, but the cake itself is very tasty, and so easy to make. The chocolate mousse I used was this recipe, with zest from two oranges added, and would make a great dessert by itself, too.

Orange Cake (from the BBC website)
225g butter
225g castor sugar
4 eggs
220g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
zest of 1 orange

– Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius
– mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
– divide evenly between two well-greased 20cm sandwich tins, or your equivalent, and level the surface with a spatula
– cool for a few minutes, then turn out

Orange Buttercream
75g butter, softened
250g icing sugar
2 tsp orange juice
zest of one orange

Mix it all together and ice your cake! You may need to adjust the amount of liquid – just add it gradually, and stop once you reach a good consistency.

– the original recipe says to line the tins with parchment. I didn’t do this (obviously, given the shape of the cake!) but it was fine. I think so long as you grease your tin properly it’s not necessary
– I’ve given the same quantities for buttercream as the original recipe, but I’d suggest making a double mixture, as my icing only just managed to cover the cake

Don’t you love that the cake mixing is all in one step?



  1. Awesome, each time I turn on the computer there’s a new post of you with a different cake 🙂

    Something completely different: did you ever consider moving to Austria?

    Hugs Marcel

  2. Thanks Marcel!

    Hey, I’ll make a deal with you – I’m not sure Hamish would like it too much if I moved to Austria, but if you pay for my tickets I’ll come visit! How does that sound? 😉

  3. LOVE it! It reminds me of a Japanese puffer fish! So creative!

  4. Thank you! Hmm, maybe I should make an actual pufferfish cake… How cool would that be? I have to say, I am seriously excited about the potential of a spherical cake. So many opportunities!

  5. […] these cute little lemon sunflower cakes with orange glaze for a birthday yesterday – I used the orange cake recipe from last week, but with lemon zest instead of orange zest, and then just mixed some fresh […]

  6. Ooh, and this tasted sooooo yummy! Rosa, I finally had a chance to browse your blog and I am SO BLOWN AWAY! Just beautiful work, and yummy too! I’ve added you to my feed now, and of course I had to share you blog with some friends 😉 Looking forward to seeing & tasting more 😉 L xxx

  7. Thank you! I’m sure there will be many more experiments to bring to tea – and I think I’m lined up to make cakes for pretty much every family event in the forseeable future… 😉 Actually, I’m just about to use gluten-free flour for the first time (you know, the pre-mixed super-expensive stuff) so that might require some more experimentation to balance recipes properly. 😉 Something your little miss might enjoy?

  8. […] since her birthday falls right in the midst of Autumn what could be more appropriate? The cake is orange cake with orange buttercream, and the piping is done in orange buttercream as well. The leaves are made […]

  9. […] cake is raspberry sponge filled with chocolate mousse and raspberries (I used my funky filled cake tins), and the icing is a meringue frosting (I believe it may be a mildly hack version of Italian […]

  10. […] same person wanted some orange cupcakes, filled with cream and topped with orange icing. I used this recipe, which makes a nice, moist, citrusy cake, and cut little cones in the tops of the cupcakes to fill […]

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