Mega Chocolate Truffle Cakes

March 15, 2008


These cakes were requested for a surprise 40th birthday party – the recipient’s wife requested his birthdate across the three cakes, hence the numbered truffles. The truffles are the tim-tam truffles I made the other night, and the cakes are mud cake topped with ganache. The walls are white chocolate bubble wrap, although not as tidy as I’d like; I just wasn’t having a good white chocolate night! Check out the dark chocolate curls, though – mega large! And very quick to make, compared with normal. Want to know my secret? A tiny bit of oil added to the melted chocolate (not much, mind) makes it more bendy.

Apologies for the poor lighting – our new house doesn’t have very good photo-taking locations, I’m afraid.



  1. That white chocolate bubble wrap looks awesome! I have heard that that softer pliable chocolate is really hard to do. I love the huge chocolate curls too, mine NEVER work out so I applaud yours!

  2. Thanks… I actually usually find that white chocolate works well for me as far as walls go – I think our non-humid climate helps, too, and if it gets over 25 degrees I struggle.

    The chocolate curls surprised me, but I definitely don’t have the art down pat yet – failed miserably on making white chocolate curls tonight. 😦 Poor cakes!

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