Failed cake

March 10, 2008

I admit it – I tried to hide my biggest failure from you all! But today my conscience made me ‘fess up – so here we go.

It is (or was supposed to be) a white chocolate and raspberry cake. It was intended to be the middle layer for the mock wedding cake I made awhile back (see, I really was hiding in shame!) but as you can see it didn’t quite turn out as planned. The problem was that I couldn’t find a recipe incorporating raspberries, so I just used a white chocolate cake recipe and added a punnet of fresh raspberries without compensating in any way for the extra liquid. This would have worked with my mainstay chocolate cake, and I didn’t really think about the fact that this recipe was significantly differently compiled. Oops! The cake rose a lot in the oven, and actually looked quite good until about 10 minutes after I took it out – at which point it shrivelled up like a round, cake-coloured raisin.

Never mind – my flatmates happily consumed it as part of our barbeque tea – it was exceedingly rich but they were all quite happy to get some free cake so no complaints were heard. Moral of the story – think before chucking a large mass of fruit into a cake! If any of you have a recipe for white chocolate and raspberry cake please do let me know, as I would love to make it work properly.


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