Mega-chocolate cake

March 8, 2008


The only criteria for this was that it was loaded up with chocolate, so I made lots of chocolate curls and bubble-wrap walls and stacked it up nice and high. It’s not very exciting, I’m afraid (especially following on the heels of the topsy-turvy cake!) but that’s today’s one. A friend gave me a tip about making chocolate curls; adding a tiny bit of oil to the chocolate when it’s melted makes it more malleable, and therefore easier to curl. I still want to master making big tubular ones; anyone have any tips for that? Mine tend to be more conical, which I’m sure is because of the way I apply pressure, but even when I play with that I can never make them BIG.



  1. Hi,

    I’ve been at a demo where a professional makes big chocolate curls. The way they do it is to add up to 1/4 weight of oil to the melted chocolate. More for dark chocolate and less for white (or in hot summers). They pour the chocolate/oil mix onto a marble slab to cool.

    They use a large heavy cheap chefs knife – a 10-12 inch blade. Then he simply holds the knife at the tip and the base and scrapes it over the top of the chocolate. He made it look very easy. I had a go and got the hang ofit on my 3rd try. The nice thing is mistakes just get remelted or eaten.

    Have Fun!!

  2. I forgot to add – he keeps the chocolate at slightly below waist height and pulls directly towards him keeping the knife level.

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