The Cupcake Parlour

March 5, 2008

I decided, in lieu of baking myself, to try out the cupcakes from Christchurch’s only dedicated cupcake bakery. Unfortunately, my visit was a little late in the day (about 4pm) and they only had one flavour – vanilla – in their cabinets, although when I asked they told me they had passionfruit out the back, so they iced some of those up for me. The shop is very cute, with tables – I’m sure it would be a lovely place to sit with a cuppa and a cupcake… But my order was to go.

As you can see, I ordered three vanilla and three passionfruit cupcakes. I wasn’t super impressed with the presentation – very basic, but hey, you’ve gotta try these things! I tried the vanilla first – and sadly, I was disappointed. The cupcake was quite dry, and the buttercream was very grainy.  The passionfruit was better, although the cupcake itself was pretty similar in texture… But the passionfruit curd in the middle was very tasty indeed.

I’ve been baking up a frenzy tonight, and tomorrow will be assembling my creation, so stay posted for pretty photos very soon!


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