March 4, 2008

Now, it’s not especially pretty but I can assure you it is incredibly yummy! Ambrosia is one of my favourite desserts, and is so easy to make! Because I want to share the love around, and I’m saving up my cake pictures to put together a useful tutorial for all of you who find me through search engines. If the results are anything to go by someone needs to put instructions on the interwebs, so at the end of the week there will be a short lesson here… But you’ll have to wait to find out what it will be! In the meantime, treat yourself to some dessert. 🙂

300mls cream, whipped
600mls natural unsweetened yoghurt
12 meringues (you can make your own, or just grab some off the shelf for quick and easy)
400gms of tinned berries
1/4 cup of castor sugar
chocolate or fresh berries for garnish

Simmer the fruit and sugar over a low heat until you have a syrupy sauce (probably will take 20-30 minutes)
Break meringues into small pieces (but don’t crush completely).
In a large bowl, blend together cream, yoghurt and meringue pieces. Swirl through about half of the syrup.
Transfer into serving dishes if desired (or serve in a big bowl!), then swirl remaining syrup on top. Garnish with chocolate or fresh fruit if desired.
Serves about 8

I love this dessert, although it is very rich – you may find it goes even further. I usually only make it when I know there will be plenty of people around, because since cream and natural yoghurt don’t usually come in smaller quantities it’s kinda hard to make a smaller batch. But yum! And of course you can use a ready-made syrup or sauce if you’re feeling especially lazy – or go hard core and do it all properly. When I was at school I made a tamarillo (tree tomato) syrup from scratch for this dish for an assessment, and it was actually really good (surprisingly, perhaps). It was also a fantastic deep purple colour.


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