Finally… A cake!

February 29, 2008

And not a very pretty or interesting one, either, I’m afraid. I apologise; we got back from Sydney late last Saturday, immediately commencing the moving process, as our flatmates shifted while we were away. And then uni started on Monday – and although the first week is supposedly light, none of my lecturers took any time getting right in there… So it’s been a bit frantic. But it should settle down now – there are only a couple more boxes to get rid of, and as far as I’m aware I’ve unpacked everything. *phew*

I made this cake last night to take to my parents’ place for dessert. I was hoping to do some funky fondant cutouts, but completely ran out of time (after getting held up at uni, I had just an hour and a half to bake this from scratch and decorate it!), so couldn’t do anything remotely time consuming, or indeed put anything on it that the warmth from the cake might spoil, since it didn’t get much cooling time. So; chocolate cake; chocolate buttercream; flakes of white and milk chocolate (I just spread the chocolate thinly on a sheet of greaseproof paper then broke it up when it was set). Oh, and we didn’t have any baking soda, and the timeframe I had wasn’t going to allow me to nip to the supermarket (or even find a different recipe!) – so I substituted in a little extra baking powder, and crossed my fingers. It was fine – the crust was a little thicker than usual, but noone would have noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out. 🙂 I decided this is called ‘Stress cake’ because I’m sure it absorbed a whole bunch of my stress while it was baking.



  1. It looks scrumptious! Shavings of chocolate always add style AND charm to baked treats. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Rachel! And hey, even if it doesn’t help the appearance extra chocolate can only make it taste better, huh? 😉

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