February 11, 2008

Apologies for the lack of posts. I promise I have not abandoned you; baking will resume shortly (my new toys have arrived, hurrah! I can now make the… Well, you’ll see soon).

My excuse for not posting (or baking) over this weekend was that I’ve been in Wellington with my other half, just exploring and having a bit of a break for no good reason. 🙂 To alleviate the lack of cake photos I present to you instead… Chocolate photo!

These chocolates are from Schoc, as you can probably see, which is a boutique chocolate and espresso shop in Wellington. They have many, many flavours of gourmet chocolates, plus small blocks of their product and various other temptations at the back of the store, and then at the front is a cafe area, where you can order coffee or hot chocolate. They have various flavours of hot choc, and although I was severely tempted by the chilli/dark choc version today I opted for the intriguing combination of orange, lavender and dark chocolate… And it was amazing! I thoroughly recommend the place (it’s on Tory Street, just a few doors away from Wakefield Street, if you happen to be in the capital). Probably fortunate it’s not closer to home for me!

Oh, and the chocolates pictured above are, in order; walnut and caramel; soft toffee; strawberry; raspberry; orange; and coffee. We’ve already consumed apple cinnamon, peanut butter, coconut, and bitter toffee… And all entirely met and exceeded expectations.


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