Wedding cake!

January 14, 2008

So, here we go!  I made this cake to test my wedding cake skillzorz, and I reckon it’s not too bad – areas for improvement, but not a bad first attempt.

It was three tier; the top tier was a lemon sponge with lemon buttercream frosting; the middle tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese icing; and the bottom layer was mud cake.

Both the lemon sponge and the red velvet cake were experimental; the sponge was nice, but didn’t keep its shape very well – I might have to try out some other recipes to see if I can master the art of straight-sided sponge.

The red velvet was interesting; although I’ve read a lot about it, it doesn’t really seem to be a recipe that’s taken off here, so have never had opportunity to taste it. The recipe I used came from Pink Cake Box, and it tasted nice – most people said it tasted ‘interesting’, but I really liked it – and the texture was good – very moist. And cream cheese icing is always a winner. There were two problems with it; one was I really needed a thicker cake, so should have made another cake but didn’t have enough butter on hand and was running out of day, hence the middle layer looking less than perfect in the photos; the other was that the mud cake underneath was still warm (again with the running out of day) and the heat transferred up into the middle layer, so by the time it was cut the icing was quite runny.

The mud cake is a tried and true recipe, very dense, moist and rich. I substituted dark chocolate for the normal milk, and the same for the ganache, so it was super rich – almost deadly rich!

Some friends came round to help with the demolition, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite wedding scale, so we didn’t get through quite enough of it; the above photo displays the remains. They didn’t do too badly – the large cake was 30cm, and the smallest one was about 17cm, so it was quite a bit of cake!

The decorations were puportedly fondant, but ended up having some regular white icing (which is what the cake is covered in) mixed in because I haven’t quite learned how to make pastel coloured icing with gel icing colours yet – the colour goes so far! I’m not sure if I’ll bother with fondant too much – white icing tastes so much better, and although I can see fondant has the advantage when it comes to molding, white icing still works for most things.

So a success – room for improvement, but it all worked out. I’m hanging out for a book I ordered from Amazon – The Cake Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum, which is supposed to be excellent (but doesn’t seem to be available in New Zealand) – and hopefully that’ll provide some new challenges for me, and maybe troubleshoot some of the things I haven’t quite perfected yet.

If you’re in the neighbourhood and want some cake in the next couple of days let me know – I do have rather a lot of it!



  1. Looks amazing!

  2. I’m eating a slice of the base now for lunch. Om nom nom nom nom nom! 😀


    i wants some cake!

    awesome job, it looks spanktabulous!

  4. Oh girl, you be too slow. You shoulda come over on Sunday! I just brought the last of the mud cake to work. Next time, maybe… :-p

    By the way, I tried to make the middle tier white chocolate and raspberry, but it didn’t really go so well. Maybe sometime when I feel like being laughed at I’ll show you some photos.

  5. Looks scrumptious!

  6. […] to be) a white chocolate and raspberry cake. It was intended to be the middle layer for the mock wedding cake I made awhile back (see, I really was hiding in shame!) but as you can see it didn’t quite […]

  7. Hey,
    YOur cake looks fabulous. I am looking for a dence and extremely rich mud cake recipie for my wedding cake. Could you share yours?


  8. Nice cake it looks delicious

  9. My name is kevin and i have a cake fetish,my mum says im just hungry ,but i think otherwise anyway i hope you can bake me a cake just like that one,i dont cre how much it costs ,i will leave my number , 079558584385

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