Train Cake

January 5, 2008

Today’s project is one I’ve been dying to get stuck into since Christmas, when I received my new favourite cake tin from my other half (he knows me so well!). Because this is cool, I’m going to post a few photos – I do try not to go too picture-crazy, but I had so much fun today…

The tin is a Nordicware tin which you fill much as you do a muffin tin – except the 9 compartments in this tin make the engine and 8 carriages of a train! The ‘tin’ is actually cast aluminium, which is really heavy and gives a good, even heat distribution.

The above photo shows my train, on its rails of chocolate finger biscuits (I was after licorice, but the supermarket only had twists, not straps), before I piped detail onto it. The cake is my chocolate hazelnut torte – the gluten-free recipe which tastes soooooo good.

I used white chocolate to outline some of the features. Although the torte tastes fantastic, because it’s so dark it definitely needs the contrast. Next time I’d like to try a white cake (maybe lemon) just to see how different it looks (although I quite like this). The cargo carriages contain Jaffas (candy coated chocolate balls, a New Zealand specialty), and the wheels are Smarties – I’ll remember to opt for giant ones next time, as these were a little dwarfed.

Although according to my portion standards this serves 12, I think half a carriage each is a more than ample serving, so it does go quite a wee way. It all got gobbled up at the barbeque we went to this evening, though!

All in all, I think it turned out rather well!



  1. I think the smartie wheels are fine – train wheels are pretty small!

  2. Rosa, this train is so cool. Reminds me of that one in Mum’s cake magazine when we were kids, except I bet yours tastes better. Dad gave us a little piece of his cake to take home and man was it good!
    I didn’t even know bundt made trains. I should get mine out and play. 🙂
    By the way, that cook book you gave me is really cool. I have lots of playing to do.

  3. […] with a white (i.e. not chocolate) cake. Although I didn’t decorate it properly, I think the train I made last time was better – maybe that’s just my inner chocoholic speaking, though. You’ll also see […]

  4. Hi, the cake looks fantastic, I found this cake tin on a website and went to find it again to order it and I can’t remember what it was could you please let me know where I can order one from, thank you so much.

  5. It’s the Nordicware Train pan – I know Amazon have it, but plenty of other places do too! I hope you find one – they’re soooo good! 🙂

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