Christening Cake

January 3, 2008


This was a last minute request for an old workmate, and (astonishingly, or so it must seem) is not a chocolate cake. It’s a vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry buttercream, and covered in white icing. I used the buttercream for the piping, and it’s not my favourite consistency, but has a pretty sheen and wasn’t too hard to work with. The bow is made from fondant, which I can’t bring myself to cover the cake in (perhaps I need to find a good recipe, but the taste of the bought stuff is just not nice enough), but which is nice and workable. The little piped flowers each have a silver cachous in the middle.

There was enough sponge mixture left over for me to make a few cupcakes, and so I have tested the cake and know it is flavoursome and good – and the happy noises from my flatmates eating the excess buttercream tell me I can’t have gone too far wrong with that… Let’s just hope the recipients like it!


One comment

  1. The piping is your best yet!

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