Truffle Bouquets

December 29, 2007

Finally – these are the truffles I gave all my nearest and dearest for Christmas. I actually made them a couple of weeks ago, and kept them in the freezer until Christmas Eve, when I pulled them out and bundled them up with florist’s paper and ribbon. I think they look pretty cool (and everyone was clamouring to get their hands on one, so I guess that’s not just me). Su Yin, from ‘Cooking is my passion’, did a similar thing here – check hers out, she’s much cleverer with the making pretty than me!


One comment

  1. […] spent my evening (and some of last night) doing; making bazillions of truffles. These are the yummy Tim-Tam truffles that I made into bouquets for Christmas gift. This time, however, they have a different […]

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