Some of the cakes…

December 26, 2007

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to photograph all the cakes I made – it was just too hectic, especially for the first few, and I was far more focussed on getting cakes finished than taking pictures. My other half took most of the progress photos I posted last night, and some of these as well.

First up, a birthday cake. This is the one that melted – The plaque looks a little messy from this angle, but actually came out reasonably well. For once I was happy with my piping, but by the time the recipient saw it it looked significantly worse than this!

White chocolate curls, strawberries and toffee – this was one of a few that got chocolate curls, before it got too warm to make them.

Lots of the cakes had these holly leaves, with berries made from tinted white icing. Gel colour is so much more effective than liquid food colouring! I like the way the photo makes them look shiny – they didn’t really shine, but still looked cool.

Some folks wanted strawberries with their holly…

Some folks wanted stars…

Some wanted lots of stars…

And then there were the mega-cakes;

Piled high with strawberries, I made another three like this (it got tricky to find enough good strawberries, as for a couple of days they all seemed to be quite mushy and undippable) – this person requested white tiled walls…

… But the others had bubble-wrap walls, like my goodbye cake.

So there we go – a selection. Unfortunately not a very broad selection – I missed getting photos of the three special cakes I made (a fruit cake, a mud cake, and a chocolate caramel cake), the one I made with a smooth milk chocolate wall, and there were lots with gold painted cut-out stars, and I don’t have any good pictures of those, either. But the priority was getting the cakes finished, and I managed that, so hurrah!


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