Strawberries and chocolate curls

December 21, 2007

Two more cakes; both very simple, but full of chocolatey goodness (and strawberries – see, Northern hemisphereans, this is why Christmas in summer pays off – because your Christmas table can be laden with delectable, ripe, juicy, red strawberries).

The first had no walls, and is completely simplistic – but less is more!

The second has walls, and contrasting strawberries. It wasn’t supposed to have white chocolate curls but it got too hot for me to curl more milk chocolate, and I decided a few white ones would finish it off nicely (and match the strawberries nicely).

(and that’s where you folks on the top half of the earth win – you won’t have heat issues with your chocolate curls at this time of year!)

So that’s 7 of my orders for Christmas all wrapped up – 33 cakes to bake tomorrow… I’ll let you know how that marathon goes!


One comment

  1. They’re selling strawberries and cherries on the side of the street here, all red and juicy-looking. I don’t know who buys such things though, I suppose there must still be a market for them but eating flown-in fruit is on about the same level as wearing fur these days.

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