Christmas truffles

December 20, 2007

I decided this year that truffles would be a great gift for the zillions of people in my family, so I’ve been busy concocting tasty and pretty combinations of these in the kitchen. I’ve just stumbled across this article, which gives some sensible, useful tips on your truffle-making. As mentioned earlier, I use the microwave to melt chocolate (tempering is just too complicated), and I also discovered that dipping frozen truffles into chocolate creates a beautifully shiny shell, and ensures the chocolate sets nice and quick.

Another quick and easy way to make truffles is by mashing biscuits or even chocolate bars with cream cheese; mine this year are  made with Tim Tams (a chocolate coated biscuit with a mousse-y centre sandwiched between the two biscuit bits), but you can use pretty much anything; chuck them in the blender or take to them with a rolling pin, mix with enough cream cheese so that you can roll them, and then freeze. Once they’re frozen dip in chocolate, let them set as they are or roll them in whatever you feel like (contrasting grated chocolate, cocoa, coconut, sprinkles) and there you go! As far as the dipping goes, using a toothpick or kebab stick to dip them in the chocolate means you can have a nice, smooth ball – once they’re set you can remove the stick to wrap in cellophane or put in a pretty box, or leave the sticks in and present them as a cone by sticking them into florists foam or a piece of fruit.

Sorry – no pictures today. I’ll show you some photos of my Christmas truffles once I’ve got them all ready to go. But for now – back to the cakes!



  1. I always burn chocolate when I melt it in the microwave! I just set it over a bowl of hot water and stir.

  2. If I’m starting from cold I usually give it a minute, and that’s usually pretty near perfect. You have to make sure to stir it lots, and not overcook just because it looks intact… I used to burn it, but never do now. Of course, every microwave is different…

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