Some chocolate to drool over…

December 19, 2007

So, I thought I’d post some photos of the construction process, and of my stupidly enormous quantities of chocolate, for your viewing pleasure.

First up, the white chocolate…

This was the first 5kg box. I’ve finished this one now, and have started the second… I have another waiting in the wings, too, since I have about 40 cakes to make this week!

Now, the milk chocolate…

Mmm! And just to give you an idea of how big that block is…

Yup, that’s our biggest knife right there in the middle. Again, this was the first block, and I’ve finished this and made some decent inroads to the second one, with two more sitting unopened, as well as one of dark chocolate… So to recap, that’s 40kg of chocolate total. I’m sorry, poor flatmates, I don’t mean to make you tubby…

Here we are, ready for some melting action (I use the microwave, my favourite invention ever, to melt my chocolate – I don’t temper my own and until I start using couverture instead of compound (if I ever get to that stage) I will continue to do so – much easier). And then, after some piping;

Lots of stars. The outline is piped in white, then, once the white choc is set, milk chocolate is piped into the gaps. The end result can be seen on my Goodbye cake, if you can single out the stars from the chocolate curls and strawberries. 😉

Many more cakes to come in the next few days… Stay posted. 😉


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