Pam’s cake

December 9, 2007

My first sale! I’m making these chocolate cakes casually to sell to anyone who wants one for Christmas ($15 for this size, $30 for the larger size), and my friend Pam wanted one to take to her daughter’s place this weekend. This one has dark chocolate curls… They took so long! The chocolate just wouldn’t set. I’ve already realised the type of fat in the chocolate makes all the difference when it comes to playing, but this was extreme; I think the chocolate was spread on the bench for around an hour before it was firm enough to curl.


One comment

  1. When I’m a bit more financial I should send you some Green & Blacks organic cooking chocolate. 72%, with extra cocoa butter for easy melting, and it seems to solidify pretty quickly too. It’s my new favourite.

    Maybe you should put a tray in the fridge to pour your chocolate onto for the curls?

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